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Business Law Speaker

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Essay Preview: Business Law Speaker

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Billy Smith

BA 200


Extra Credit

Buddy McClain came to class today to talk to us about his life and his success in the business world with Sonic burger. Mr. McClain attended USM and PRCC, but never graduated. He decided to drop out in pursuit of a career with Sonic burger. He worked hard for Sonic burger and worked his way up. After some time went by he started his own Sonic burger with a partner. Buddy McClain now owns sixty-five Sonics in the states of Mississippi, North Carolina, Mobile and Tampa.

Mr. McClain also talked about hurricane Katrina and the effects of this national disaster with his businesses. When hurricane Katrina hit, Mr. McClain was determined to get down to the coast to keep his establishments open to help the needs of hurricane Katrina victims. He wanted to give people a place to eat and employees a place to work during these hard times. He packed up his things and bought all the necessities to run his restaurants and drove down to the Mississippi gulf coast from Jackson, Mississippi. After only a week after hurricane Katrina hit, Mr. McClain was able to open most of his restaurants for business by overcoming many challenges along the way.

After talking about hurricane Katrina and his thoughts about that, he talked about how he became successful. Mr. McClain made it very clear to have the utmost respect for you co-workers and a good work ethic. He said sacrifice and determination is a big part of success in the business world. He believes if you work hard and strive to be the best it will pay off.



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