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Red Badge of Courage Summary Chapter 5-15

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Essay Preview: Red Badge of Courage Summary Chapter 5-15

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Chapter 5 Summary:

As the battle begins, Henry’s fear of running seems irrelevant. He instead becomes part of a machine, his only goal to fight and win.

The battle is gruesome. One soldier tries to run, but is caught by a lieutenant. The captain is shot. Finally, the enemy begins to retreat and the soldiers roar in victory

Henry is surprised that despite the battle, nature has continued to function as it normally would.

Chapter 6 Summary:

Henry is thrilled with his performance. He feels he has been the hero he intended to be, and is deserving of all the honor a soldier is given.

Upon hearing that enemy has renewed their charge, the men groan in disappointment

Henry no longer feels like part of a machine, and as the men in his regiment flee he joins them

He is angered by a general telling the men to continue to fight, because he thinks they will lose.

He is shocked after he hears they have won.

Chapter 7 Summary:

Henry resents the fact that they won, thinking the men who stayed are stupid and illogical

He tosses a pinecone at a squirrel, and the squirrel scampers into a tree. Henry considers this sequence proof that fleeing from danger is a natural, universal tendency.

There he discovers the dead body of a soldier in a tattered blue uniform much like Henry’s. Ants swarm over the corpse’s face. Henry stares in shock for a moment and then runs from the glade, half expecting the corpse to cry out after him.

Chapter 8 Summary:

After his walk through the forest, henry heads back towards the “Crimson roar” of the battle

Henry joins a column of injured soldiers walking back towards the camp.

One injured soldier, a “tattered man” begins to talk to Henry about the battle and ask him about his injury. This makes Henry uncomfortable, and he tries to avoid him.

Chapter 9 Summary:

As Henry falls back to avoid the tattered man, he sees the other men's injuries and is envious of them, calling each a “Red badge of courage”

Henry spots Jim Conklin and calls out to greet him. Jim is tired, and says he’s been shot.

Jim explains to Henry he is afraid of being run over by the artillery wagons, so he and the tattered man attempt to lead him into a field so he is safe.

Jim instead walks towards a clump of bushes ad dies. Henry is consumed with rage and shakes his fists angrily.

Chapter 10 Summary:

The tattered man says he feels bad, and Henry is worried he might see him die too. He says no, his children need him.

Henry doesn’t



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