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Reasons for Using Social Media

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Reasons for Using Social Media

Since internet has developed fast and social media was created, most people start using it almost everyday. From kids to adults, most of them have social media. The reason for them to use social media vary.

The first reason for using social media is to socialize, by interacting with other people online, such as friends, family, and acquaintances. Unlike sending mail through the post office, most people be fond of social media because it is convenient and quick. People may speak to another person miles away without having to wait for a long time. They may get the message in less than a minute. Luckily, social media may also be used anytime and anywhere as long as there is a device, such as smartphones, computers or laptops, and also internet connection available nearby, because lots of social media has made an application that may be used not just on computers, but also on smartphones.

Most social media these days may be use to chat with others, even to do a video call, so they may see each faces, without needing to pay a large amount of money, for example is Skype. This is also another reason why people use social media, because it is mostly free.

Moreover, people use social media to look for new friends. They intend to get to know each other, share information about themselves, and talk about their hobbies, interests or occupations.

Another reason for people to use social media is to find an entertainment. People may be tired of doing the same activities everyday, for instance in school, or work, and they most likely to use social media as one of their amusements, because it is the easiest thing to be accessed. For example by reading updates from people, which may be entertaining for several people, watching a video, or playing games that connected to their social media. Social media may also be used to send photos or videos. For instance Snapchat, it is a mobile application that allows people to share photos, videos that may be edited with drawings, and also texts, which may interest certain people.

Sometimes, people use social media as a place to express their opinions, pointing out their political views, speak up about global issues, such as poverty, human rights, animal rights, and environmental issues. Also, several people may do campaigns on social media, to persuade others to do or not to do something.

In addition, people may use social media for promotional aims. Nowadays, numerous amount of large and small companies uses social media as their promotion sites. That is why pop up advertisements often appears as we open the social media through the website or the

application. Certain social media has made a paid



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