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Reasons For An Mba

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Running Head: Reasons for an MBA

Why I decided to pursue an MBA

and what I expect to gain from

completing the program

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University of Phoenix

Why I decided to pursue an MBA and what I expect to gain from completing the program

There are multiple reasons why I decided to work at earning a Masters in Business Administration. The most prevalent motive was to assist me in becoming a well-rounded person. Ironically, I never even dreamt of earning a Masters degree in any field. However, since I completed my Bachelor's degree nearly four months ago, I became somewhat motivated to go further. As I said, initially my undergraduate degree was all the further that I figured I would go.

Progressing in Rank

Furthermore, earning a graduate degree would assist me immensely in chasing another goal in my life, which is to attain the highest enlisted rank in the U.S Air Force. A higher education can do nothing but make my record stronger as the promotion board computes my score on the basis of my achievements, work history and job responsibilities throughout my career. Basically, they hold my fate in their hands. This "Board Score" coupled with my Enlisted Performance Reports will optimistically earn me my last and final stripe in preparation for my life after the military.

Keeping pace with family members

My youngest brother happens to be eighteen years younger than me. He is currently in a Master's program with Webster University pursuing a Public Administration degree, this in and of itself, is yet another one of my strongest motivators. If he can do it, so can I! Its sibling rivalry at it's best. If I keep on track with the flow of classes as scheduled, we will finish our degrees at the same time. Additionally, I am personally uplifted by this accomplishment, as my brother and I are the only two of my Grandmother's ten grandchildren that have commenced to pursuing a Masters degree.

Develop myself into a more marketable asset

Although I had conversations with quite a number of people about this curriculum, including a couple of currently enrolled students, it was with great hesitation that I began my first course. The registrar for the University of Phoenix continuously sent me emails to request that I finish my application for registration and to begin my courses. Finally, after being chased by her for more than four months, I decided to take this major step in my education. Quite honestly, I needed that last bit of encouragement, and I credit her with giving me that last push that I so desperately needed in working towards a better me.

My current occupation is as a Public Health Technician. My undergraduate degree in Health Care Management compliments my present choice of job. Making up my mind as to which type of Graduate degree I wanted to achieve was a long and grueling decision. As I recall, I changed my mind at least every other week after completing my Bachelor's degree. Honestly, I wanted to keep with some type of Public Health



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