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Reading Response of " Varieties of Terminology"

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Essay Preview: Reading Response of " Varieties of Terminology"

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Reading response of " Varieties of terminology".

"Varieties of terminology" is the 2nd chapter of Peter Burke's book ''Cultural Hybridity''. In this chapter, Peter Burke presents an excellent genealogical analysis of terminologies and also focuses on the difficulty in identifying the question of cultural hybridity.Here he shows that how the terms are modified or changed upon the use of different culture, situation, different time and different schools. He has placed great importance on awareness to uses and translates of both metaphorical and other terms. As I understand, this article has analysed about rising and evolution of terminology. I think it deals with some questions and the answers.These are:

1.How a terminology grows and changed or modified?

2.Why it is changed?

3.By whom it´s changed?

4.How varieties of terminology related with cultural hybridity?

5.What is lost in the process of translation of metaphorical and other terms?

I have really enjoyed this article because before reading this article I knew that some terms are changed sometime for cultural context. But here I found that there are a lot of reasons for changing the meaning of a word, such as for cultural or geographical context, intellectual context. The term "Fusion" is one of the interesting examples of this.We saw in this article how comprehensively the word "Fusion" is used from historical context to cuisine and music ! (page-47)

Studying this article, I have learned that Everyone should be aware of the uses and translates both metaphorical and other terms. We should be conscious about who are using and for what purpose the term serves.If we pay attention to this, we can refrain



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