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Ratifying The Constitution

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Ratifying the Constitution

Many debated over the ratification of the U.S. constitution. Some of the individuals that agreed with the ratification of the Constitution were well taught philosophical people like Washington. There were also others who disagreed with the ratification of the U.S Constitution because they thought differ to what the Constitution has to offer to them. This essay will further explain the concepts of the disagreement between those who wanted to ratify the Constitution and those who did not.

The individuals thought that if the 13 states wanted to fully develop in to a great nation they had to join together in a Central government and ideals that needed to be followed. They wanted to ratify the Constitution because one of founding fathers thought that there were errors to be corrected (Doc 3.) They believed that to have our natural rights to be protected and to enforce laws, the government should have 3 different types of branches that would some what have equal amount of power each. They thought that the government should be for the people and only the people. One of the most important laws that were established in the Constitution was the idea that no man should be tried for a crime until he is indicted by a judge (Doc 6.) The intellectual people wanted to ratify the constitution because they thought that the Articles of Confederation were a weak establishment of a government and for the survival of the 13 states, this is why they wanted to ratify the Constitution.

Individuals that did not wanted to ratify the Constitution were people who feared that their rights were going to be abused and not established (Doc 2 and 4) They thought that the liberty and freedom that the Natural Rights of Locke's ideas were going to be abused and they weren't going to have freedom of the press or any other liberties able to be expressed. Other individuals were traumatized because of the idea



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