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The Constitution

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The Constitution

I personally thought the movie was very badly done. I love watching movies on history and other educational topics I generally get a lot from them. UN like most college student, But this movie was very bad and I dint learn much from it.

With that said, I did learn that it was very hard to get the constitution to become a great document. I had no idea the generals were trying to revolt against it and that people didn't like what was going on in America. According to the video, States were becoming afraid that the new republic was going to be a monarchy, just like the one they all just got through fighting. States really wanted to govern them self, they felt that laws that applied to places in the north would not apply to places in the south. Big states like Virginia and New York didn't even want to part of the government until things changed. In 1788 they finally made decision to join the United States. Once Madison wrote the bill of rights, things did start to change and more Americans started to see dreams and futures that might come to reality because they were going to be living in a free country. According to this video America went trough a lot of hardships in the beginning and eventually with some hard work and luck we became a great nation. I guess it's easier for some people to believe that America was lucky, then to believe that a great and power God rewards those who earnestly seek him like most of the people of this nation at the time. I don't know much about history, but I do know that more people prayed for this country before anything was written, then for any other institution the world has ever seen.



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