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Pythagoras of Samos

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Pythagoras of Samos was a man with much intelligence. He was a man that greatly help scientist and mathematicians with his findings. He was a famous philosopher and also a religious leader. He is most famously know for his creation of the Pythagorean Theorem, but that is not all he has contributed to the world of math. When Pythagoras made his discovery he opened up so many windows for mathematician and Scientists. 2000 years later people are still using this equation. In the end result, Pythagoras had a big impact on the science and mathematic industries with the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem.

During the time period between 580 BCE and 500 BCE there was much conflict in Grece where Pythagoras lived. The Greek city states known as the Ionians in Asian Minor revolted against Persian rule. Their leader was Aristagoras of Miletus(Schulman). The Athenians sent 20 ships to help them(Schulman). Also, the second invasion of Greece had broken out. Xerxes who seceded Darius vowed to revenge his father's defeat by renewing the attacks on Greece(Schulman). He led an invasion force of 150,000 soldiers and 700 naval ships(Schulman). The Greeks fought a delaying battle at the Thermopylae Pass(Schulman). Nine thousand Greeks under Spartan command held the pass for two days(Schulman). The Persians managed to outflank the Greeks, however(Schulman). Most of the Greek forces withdrew, but 300 Spartans fought to the death(Schulman). Athenians then abandoned their city which the Persians promptly sacked(Schulman).The Greek fleet was bottled up, in the Saronic Gulf(Schulman). The Persians then tried to storm the Gulf, but became tangled as they entered the straits leading to the gulf and were destroyed(Schulman). Xerxes was forced to withdraw(Schulman). The next year at the Battle of Plataea the Greeks decisively defeated the Persians and ended the Persian threat(Schulman).

Pythagoras of Samos has contributed so much to the math world. He is most famously know for the Pythagorean Theorem but he has done so much mor than that.for example he has found various theorems about triangles, parallel lines, polygons, circles, spheres and regular polyhedra(Allen). Also, work on a class of problems in the applications of areas. (e.g. to construct a polygon of given area and similar to another polygon)(Allen). Lastly, Given a line segment, construct on part of it or on the line segment extended a parallelogram equal to a given rectilinear figure in area and falling short or exceeding by a parallelogram similar to a given one(Allen). These were just some of the things he discover. His most famous discover is the Pythagorean Theorem. It was believed that Pythagoras discovered this theorem when waiting for the tyrannical ruler, Polycrates(Aves). While looking



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