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Punk Music

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English 4

October 21, 2007

Punk music in the 1990’s and 1970’s has many different similarities and differences. Punk music is a hard thing to define. Different people have different opinions is what is punk music and what is not. Regardless, one agreed idea is that punk music is evolving and changing everyday.

One major difference is 70’s and 90’s punk is where it originated. 70’s punk emerged from the East Coast of the United States. Some examples of major East Coast punk bands include Blink 182 and Anti Flag. In the 70’s punk bands began forming in Great Britain. Some of the greatest and most famous bands came from Great Britain, such as The Clash and The Ramones. 90’s punk is primarily from California, like Green Day and The Offspring.

Acceptance by society is something that has changes dramatically from the 70’s to the 90’s. IN the 70’s punk was a new style of music. No one had heard it before and many people were scared. When the Sex Pistols launched their first tour most clubs, fearing violence, canceled the tour dates. 90’s punk has evolved into a fluffier, “pop punk”. Punk is no longer a new scary music style. A huge sign of punk rock’s acceptance is when punk bands began to gain admittance to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Punk is no longer “underground”; it is played on the radio.

Despite the many differences of 70’s and 90’s punk music, it is still punk music. The message is generally the same. Punk bands still have limited or no musical or vocal instruction, and often limited skill. 90’s punk music is still singing about social and political controversies. 90’s and 70’s punk music are both



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