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Psy150 Impact of Sleep in Classes

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Final Project

Christian Tew


Dr. Sharon E. Flowers



My topic is the impact of sleep on 8:00am classes. I chose this topic because I am interested on what I would learn from it. I am in school and would like to see how I could possibly be effected by this. My hypothesis is, students that get less sleep will have worse grades than students that get more sleep. I believe that getting less will impact your grades. You will be less focused in early morning classes, because you will be so tired from the night before. Sleep is such a big factor in your everyday life and not getting enough can mess you up for the rest of the day. I do also believe that the amount of sleep impacts different people in different ways. Some people can get very little sleep and be super productive the next day, while others are the opposite. I know people that can sleep 5 hours a night and be perfectly functional the next day.

This topic is interesting, because of what you learn on how sleep can impact our grades. It is nice to know how important sleep really is in our everyday lives. Students that get less sleep will have worse grades than students that get more sleep. I believe it is true, becuase I have experienced it. Whenever I would get less sleep, I would come to class super tired and all I would think about is sleeping. Studies show that students that get less sleep will come to class less focused and not in a state of mind to learn. The student will retain information less and have harder times focusing.


Variables: The independent variable is the amount of sleep the participant gets. The dependent variable is the grade of the participant. One group will be getting 5 hours of sleep every night, while the other group will be getting 8 hours of sleep. That will give me the results for my experiment.

Participant/s selection: I will have people sign up at local schools and choose the participants in a random order. There will be 2 seperate groups for this experiement. The participants will choose numbers out of a hat and those numbers will decide on what group they will be placed into. The experimental group will be getting 5 hours of sleep, while the control group will be getting 8. I will be choosing participants in the same age range and have participants with different classes with different levels of difficulties.

Procedure: The grade the obtain in the class will measure the dependent variable.

Experimental bias: I will pick of variety of participants from diffferent backgrounds to ensure it is not biased.

Informed consent: I will have the participants sign documents stating that they are informed of what they are about to do and they fully consent to it.


Possible Outcomes: The outcome of your procedure is predicted and discussed. Evaluation of that outcome is described.

Discussion: The predicted outcome shows that in turn, getting less sleep does impact 8am classes. The grades in the experimental group were lower from the control group. The participants in the experimental



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