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Providing Guidelines for a Multicultural Team Behavior

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Essay Preview: Providing Guidelines for a Multicultural Team Behavior

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Document purpose: Providing guidelines for a multicultural team behavior

Point 1. Dress code at work

This guideline is applicable for all Team Members and aims to build the environment where everyone feels respected and the positive appearance reflects company’s culture.

Elements of dress-code policy:

The chosen type of the dress-code is Business Casual to offer on the one hand to Team Members more comfortable environment, but on the other hand to promote the culture of respect for everyone.

Admittedly, here we mean a dress more "casual", more relaxed, but still formal.

Men will be able to wear polo shirts, neutral shirts, knits or cotton trousers. Today, even dark jeans are in the category. But shorts remain prohibited.

Women can wear a skirt below the knee or pants - but no jeans. They can wear blouse of their choice. The dress is tolerated, if it goes below the knee. In a professional context, it is better to avoid plunging necklines.

Point 2. How should people behave if the disagree with each other?

What about if they disagree with their manager?

This guideline is applicable for all Team Members. Teamwork refers to interactions between many individuals. This means that communication skills as well as respect must be put in place.  In addition, the rules and principles greatly increase the chances of working in a pleasant climate and achieving the common objectives.

Elements of policy:

  • Every employee is invited to express his/her opinion if respecting the other Team  

   Members: This is one of the biggest challenges: respecting the other as we ask him    

   to respect us.

  • If a Team Member has a different opinion she/he should first discuss with most  

   concerned colleague(s). If not possible to find win-win solution Team Members  

   should inform their managers and request them for arbitrage.

  • In case of need of support HR department may be included in conversation.

  • If a Team Member disagrees with his manager she/he should express her/his opinion  

               to the manager.

  • If the Team Member feels uncomfortable the HR department is the  

               right place to address the concern.

  • If the employee would like to inform about non-compliance to rules by the manager  

or other Team Member and prefers to stay anonymous to this person we dispose of procedure to enable this by guarantying also whole thorough checking of the situation

Point 3.  How punctual should staff be for work and meetings? Can start and finish times be flexible?

This guideline is applicable for all Team Members.

  • Punctuality on the meetings

The use of a detailed agenda, which will simplify the course of meetings makes it mandatory for all required Team Members to respect the time of the meeting.



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