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Project Managers Rewards

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1. Name and describe one common reward/punishment used by project managers on individuals.

A: In today’s organizations, cash flow is a problem, and promising monetary rewards is not a reliable reward

Project Managers can use these days. But, nowadays, PM’s tend to reward team member by providing some

kind of a training activity related to the project, that the team member is willing to learn and enhance his or

her knowledge. The training could be scheduled with an experienced individual from within the

organization, thus not affecting the organizations training costs to an extent. It could be held on Fridays, for

an hour or so, giving the team member enough time over the weekend to think about what he has learned. A

simple email from the Project Manager stating that why he thinks the team member is fit for the training and

that he is chosen for the training as he sees the potential in him, can boost the morale of the team member,

and he would thus try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Also, at the end of each module in the project,

PM’s tend to send a simple email appreciating the team member for their performances.

2. What project member behavior results from having that reward/punishment?

A: In this case, the team member is achieving knowledge from the training, which he knew he wouldn’t have

gained otherwise, and he would like to take the benefit of the opportunity provided to him by the Project

Manager. The team member would perform even better than before. The simple appreciation and the




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