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Project Management

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Magic Johnson's foundation use nontraditional marketing strategy to attract people of interest to support the cause of disadvantage youth and adults in different urban communities. The major issues facing urban residents are quality of education, affordable access (including transportation) to information, safe and secure learning environments, and access to business and high-tech job opportunities.

In 2001 the Magic Johnson Foundation launched a digital divide program in Los Angeles and has since opened 21 centers in 17 urban markets. In collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Commerce, an additional 4 centers are scheduled to open by 3rd quarter 2006 in South Carolina which will positively impact 200,000 South Carolinians to expand our program into rural markets. Centers which previously placed focus exclusively on technology have now expanded educational content and courses offering with programs that address the socioeconomic needs that impact the poor in urban distressed communities. Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Centers are comprehensive one-stop resource centers where community residents are provided with the educational tools and resources to empower themselves and their families as well as strengthen the communities in which they reside. Above and beyond technology program participants are also provided access to, life skills development (

We have taken a holistic approach to creating sustainable partnerships by leveraging the effectiveness of our grant recipients with local corporate, state and federal agencies that have a shared vision of self empowerment for better community. Each organization is a qualifying 501 c 3 with a minimum of 5 years of operation in successfully providing education via technology with a grass roots following in distressed communities. Once selected, it is imperative that all community residents receive access to all educational content free of fees. Each Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center grant is valued at approximately $100K. Eligible recipients are qualifying 501c (3) organizations that provide services to underserved populations that provide access to education via technology that will allow program participants to improve their overall quality of life. Community residents receive free access to all service and programs offered at the facility. To date the program has received national visibility and provided free educational direct access and training to over 32,000 youths and young adults in obtaining industry standard computer skills. The Magic Johnson Foundation is committed to the educational and financial empowerment of urban communities (

It is the objective of the Magic Johnson Foundation to create a safe haven within the Technology centers that is conducive to learning and enriched with qualitative and quantitative educational and informational programs tailored to address the specific issues facing urban communities that will contribute to the educational and business development needs of residents that will contribute to the overall economic sustainability and continued growth of the communities in which they reside (

The set up of these community empowerment centers will creates an opportunities for the disadvantage youth and adults to better themselves for the future. It will also assist them in making morally standard choice of behavior in the community.



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