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Project Management

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Project Plan Overview


The Demar Modular Relocatable Classrooms Corporation is a leading company in relocatable classrooms. The company has a fleet of 27,000 mobile structures and their main focus is customer service. The company offers a full range of capabilities to ensure that leasing or purchasing of their modular structures will be an experience that is easy and pleasant for everyone involved. Due the recent hurricane disasters many of the schools in Munford Alabama, was destroyed and left thousands of school-aged children displaced. The school board had no idea of how to keep the children in a school before the reconstruction of the schools could be rebuilt, which would cost millions of dollars. Relocatable classrooms from a district's point of view have two advantages: cost and the short time between specification and occupancy. Demar Corporation proposed that the districts lease some of the modulars until the company was able to build just what they needed to their specifications. (Washington Schools, 2004).

Project plan

The purpose of this project is to diminish the fear of having school children go without an education for months, even years before the districts can rebuild schools for them to attend. The relocatable buildings will be brought to the districts as needed to fulfill the needs of students and teachers. Theses relocatable classrooms are facilities that can be moved from school site to another. Relocatable buildings will be used to accommodate enrollment fluctuations once in place and meet the school's entitlements. (School facilities, 2005). The project plan will consist of stakeholders, the school board, local business representatives, government agencies and the citizens' advisory committee, hopefully eliminating any problems right away. This project is due to start February 25, 2006 when all the necessary vendors, architects, and utilities have been reviewed and will end on August 30, 2006.


The school systems in the United States have run into extra costs of building new schools when there is an overflow of students. The ability to relocate classrooms has become recognized as viable methods to address the needs relating to demographics and the security of all school-aged children attending school. In addition to the relocatability feature the speed of delivery and installation is what makes this project plan unique. The time it would take to build a new school would not only cost millions of dollars, but cause the district to relocate kids to other schools; relocatable classrooms save money, time and have quality. This method will also minimize disruptions while other classes are being conducted in the schools that are still up and running.

Problem Statement/Result statement

The school districts had a dilemma whether to buy or lease the relocatable classrooms, so the project plan is to come with the best deal that saves more money. Some of the questions the school board asked about the modular structures were:

* How quickly will the modulars be delivered?

* Will they pass all the city codes?

* What if they needed to be modified, who will the school contact?

* How many people per square feet are needed to calculate the building size needed for the students and staff?

* What can be done to improve the process?

All the questions pertaining to every aspect of this project would be answered so the delivery of the goods could be set in motion. The key steps in this project would be communicating the goals to the school board and selecting the right vendors that have quality, experience, and high performance design that would meet all the criteria needed to complete this project. The project will have detailed specifications, identified project risks, project organization, estimate time of completion, detailed project schedule and a quality plan. (Williams Scotsman, 2001). The wall and floors will be engineered and constructed to withstand transportation, which creates the ability for the structure to be moved without damaging the structure; delivery of the modulars will not cause a problem to the company or the school. The builder of relocatable classrooms mission is to exceed the customers' expectations as quality leaders in providing immediate solutions to school districts. (William Scotsman, 2001). The mission of the Alabama Community School District is to be in cooperation with parents and the community, to educate and prepare all the students to be knowledgeable, responsible, contributing members of this global society by keeping them in school. (Alabama schools, 2001).


The planning process for installing relocatable classrooms could be long but successful. The recommended 10 plan step planning process is as follows:

* Studying enrollment projections coupled with identified needs and requests made at each site.

* Prioritizing all the relocatable classrooms needs and requests district wide.

* Matching the identified priorities with the current or future school boundary decisions.

* Using available financial resources, ordering the relocatable classrooms from a responsible vendor; either by leasing or buying the relocatable classrooms.

* Determining the capacity at a given school site for available property without interfering with the current school programs; arrangements for the utilities must be made.

* The project manager and school architect creates a site plan on just where the relocatable will be installed.

* The plan will be submitted to the city and county officials and all required governmental agencies in the area for review immediately.

* During the review period which the parking and the environmental impact will be examined.

* The site will be prepared for installation of the relocatables by installing drainage, asphalt foundation, utility hookups, and raised ramps.

* The final step would be placing teachers and students in the relocatable classrooms. (Find Articles, 2000).

. Programming



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