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Project Management Concepts Mba590

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Essay Preview: Project Management Concepts Mba590

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Project Management Concepts

University of Phoenix

MBA 590 Strategic Implementation and Alignment

January 22, 2006

Implementation Plan Concepts

A: Concept B: Application of Concept in Scenario C: Citation of Concept in Reading D: Personal Experience in your Organization

Implementing Strategy, which can occur through:

Ð'* Identification of short-term objectives.

Ð'* Initiating specific functional tactics.

Ð'* Communicating policies that empower people in the organization.

Ð'* Designing effective rewards. Jacyln and Tim have been threatening to defect to the competition; employees are not going to the correct person when resigning. "I'm not sure why the resigned to me rather than Hays." The overall strategy was poorly implemented which has lead to infighting among leadership and a general unrest with key author clients. Email from Hays Michaels to Jan Peters regarding Help. Harrison-Keyes Scenario 2 in MBA/590 I currently work for a company whose competitive advantage is not the project implementation strategy. The employees' are not always aware of short term objectives there are no rewards for a job well done. This makes projects difficult to accomplish and transitions and cooperation is difficult to obtain.

Short Term Objectives accompanied by action plans which enhance these objectives in three ways:

Ð'* action plans usually identify functional tactics and activities that will be undertaken in the next week, month, or quarter as part of the business's effort to build competitive advantage.

Ð'* time frame for completionÐ'--when the effort will begin and when its results will be accomplished

Ð'* A third element action plans contain is identification of who is responsible for each action in the plan. This accountability is very important to ensure action plans are acted upon.

Jan and Pete discuss the on going issues with their e-publisher Asia Digital. India has experienced a natural disaster in which the company is currently under five feet of water and will be out of business for the foreseeable future with no concrete date as to when they will be able to be back in business

Excerpt from phone call between Jan Peters and Pet Ross. Example from Harrison-Keyes Scenario 2 in MBA/590:

With my last employer as the transportation manager short-term objectives were consistently established and both vendors and team players agreed to meet them. However, when the feces hit the rotating oscillator many of the agreed individuals did not aid by the set objectives, hence causing the long- term objectives to be missed or prolonged.

Strategic Leadership: Embracing Change

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