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Project Management Analysis

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Project Success and Failure Analysis

PNC ERP Project Success Example

A successful project example was PNC ERP. PNC is a large bank that provide personal a business financing. PNC was looking for a high-speed database to collect data from millions of broadband subscribers’ modems. The solution they came up with was ERP resource.

The reward of choosing to use ERP, while coming at a great expense was ease of use system. The new ERP system cost roughly $500,000. The Oracle system that was also being explored had an expected of cost $300,000. The $300k was for user licenses only. Additional cost were required for implementation.

ERP mitigated the risk of by doing extensive testing before implementing the new system. Additionally, high intensity training was conducted to reducing the risk of the new system. The employees were trainer to handle support uses that could come from using the new system.

BOX AI Project Failure Example

A failed IT project example was the BOX AI Project. BOX is an online document storage site. Prior to the start of the AI project, BOX owned a majority of the market share. BOX hired PCG to implement the new AI system. The project was estimated at $100m and last 3 months. However poor project management led to the initiate costing $500m.

Analysis of failure. 3 month timeline was extremely aggressive for a project of this size and complexity. BOX failed to properly evaluate how long this project should take. PCG was a poor selection to execute this project.

The AI system was going to replace a large numbers of employees. As a result, employees felt threatened and began to disrupt the implementation.

BOX failed to have a BC/DR plan in place in case the project failed. BOX did not have alternatives in place to continue business



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