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Process Owner/key Stakeholders

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Essay Preview: Process Owner/key Stakeholders

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Step 1: Process Owner/Key Stakeholders

  • Process: Providing assistance on non-available items in the order
  • Process Owner:  Restaurant Success Team Managers
  • Process Performers: 
  • Restaurant Outbound Team
  • Restaurant Inbound Team and
  • Restaurant Success Team Leads
  • Key Stakeholders: SkipTheDishes Management, Delivery Logistics Team
  • Stakeholder Concerns: The primary aim is to provide high quality service to both restaurants and customers. Currently the stakeholder’s primary concern is to minimize the calls/issues pertaining to non-availability of order items, reduce order cancellations, reduce courier reimbursements in case of order cancellations and render better service to customers.

Step 2: Process Purpose/Output

  • Process Purpose: The purpose of the process is to update restaurants about the customer’s opinion on non-availability of order items.
  • Process Outputs: 
  • Replace non-available order item with other available item(s)
  • Remove non-available item from the order items
  • Cancel the order

Step 3: Customers and Needs

Customer Segmentation

Customer Needs & Wants

Validating Customer Needs


Restaurants want to know how to deal with the issue of non-available items in the order.

Call restaurants and ask below questions,

  1. What is the issue?
  2. Which items are not available?
  3. Reasons for non-availability of items.
  4. Check whether the items are marked as sold out or not.
  5. At what time the items would be available again?
  6.  Ask for other available items which can replace the non-available items.
  7. Check whether there are extra charges if items are replaced.

Step 4: Suppliers and Inputs

  • Suppliers: 
  • Restaurants
  • Restaurant Success Team (Inbound Team & Outbound Team)
  • Restaurant Success Team Leads
  • Inputs: 
  • Products
  • “Restaurant Partner App” and “WIFI Tablet” for restaurants to create service  request
  • “Talk Desk Platform” for SkipTheDishes to receive and make calls to restaurants and customers.
  • “Zen Desk Platform” for SkipTheDishes to send & receive e-mails from customers
  • Information:

From Restaurants

  • List of non-available items in the order
  • Other available items which can replace the non-available items
  • Extra/additional charges if any

From Customers

  • Customer opinion on non-available items
  • Customer’s preferred mode of payment in case of additional charges
  • Customer’s special instructions regarding the order items

Step 5a: Basic Process Flow

[pic 1]

Step 5b: Detailed Integrated Process Flow

Refer pdf

Step 6: Measures of Process Performance:

  • Output: Customer response on non-availability of order items
  • Dimensions of Performance: On time
  • Measure: Time taken to update restaurant with customer opinion
  • Current Level: 
  • Best Case Scenario – 5 mins
  • Worst Case Scenario – 22 to 25 mins
  • Target Level:  5 to 10 mins

Process Time – Observed data for 100 orders



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