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Process Analysis

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Living with your parents while going to college is very stressful and hard for most students to do. You are scared that your parents will be treating you like a kid, just as they did before you where younger. This can be avoided if you and your parents follow three simple steps: treat each other as peers, respect each other's privacy, and help each other out.

The first step rule is the hardest for both involved. It consists of you and your parents treating each other as adults, not as a child and two adults. Parents need to let their young adults start making decisions for their own and accepting the reality of their image as young adults. Your parents will probably be inclined to govern over you because of the fact that you are still living under their roof. It is very important that they see you as a grown up. In order for this to occur, it is absolutely necessary for you to act like a mature and responsible adult. Also remember, that it is there house, so respect it and their rules. If you still act like a child and pout when you don t get your way, your parents are definitely not going to look upon you as a peer, but rather look down upon you as a person of lesser value.

The second step is the most difficult for your parents to do because they still think they need to know everything you are involved in. Both need to respect each other's privacy. They never hesitate to tell you something is none of your business, but if you were the one to shut them out, there would certainly be a price to pay. Everything works out fine as long as you give your parents little glimpses into your personal live. Your parents just want to know that you are okay and not in any trouble. Respect their advice and they should respect your decisions.

The last step is the hardest for the student because it involves with doing voluntary work rather than being told to do something. Your parents are not going to expect to have to tell you to clean your room



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