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Process Analysis Essay

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Process of Registering for Fairmont State Classes

Considering the fact that the major goal of a college is to enroll students, it should be an easy process to apply to a school and, if accepted, register for classes. That is not at all the case at the school I attend, Fairmont State College. Perhaps it is because I do not attend classes on campus. But, shouldn't all of the same efforts apply to all students, whether on or off campus?

The process of registering for classes is a long, drawn out, and confusing one. And, that's if you even make it through the first step, which is the application and acceptance process. I know people that tried for several semesters to make a smooth and successful go of it, before finally tossing in the towel and choosing another school.

The biggest issue I have come across is knowing the dates of events. For example I never know the specific date that the school is visiting my off campus site to help students register for the upcoming semester. What's the point in coming if nobody knows about it? So, assuming you get through applying, you then have to register for classes. Enters another problem. I never get anything in the mail concerning classes. I hardly even know what my major requires.

Then, there are a few options. I can get on-line and try to navigate through that maze to look-up what I need to take, and compare that to what's actually being offered; or I can call up the office on campus and stammer through my dilemma to three or four different people, before I hang up even more confused than when I called.

If, by some miracle, I manage to figure out what classes I need to reach my ultimate goal of achieving a degree, I then have to register for them. If I get lucky and find out when counselors are journeying off site to help students, I can do it that way. But, realistically, that does not happen. So, it's back to the telephone.

Just recently, I called to ask some questions about next semester's classes. I was directed to contact my on-campus advisor. Advisor? When did I get one of those? I was never informed of this Advisor before! After three semesters, it is brought to my attention that



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