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Pro-Social Behavior

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Pro-social Behavior



Pro-social Behavior

Pro-social behavior involves helping, sharing, donating, co-operating, as well as volunteering (Wentzel, 2015). These characteristics of pro-social behavior can be exhibited individually or as a whole. In the experience which I will be sharing, I experienced all the five characteristics of helping, sharing, donating, co-operating, and volunteering. Recently I was supposed to visit my uncle who lives a few hundred miles away and as a result I chose to use bus transport for the journey at night. By 11pm almost all the passengers were asleep only to be woken up by application of emergency breaks. The driver had unfortunately hit a motorcyclist and he was losing blood at a very high rate.

The response ambulance took nearly 20 minutes to pick up the cyclist and by the time he had lost a lot of blood and unconscious. Instead of continuing with my journey I chose to accompany the accident victim to the hospital. The doctors were in a rush to save his life but it was unfortunate that they did not have one more unit of O+ blood but fortunately enough I am O+ and I donated that immediately. At about 11 in the morning the following day, the man came back to consciousness and the doctors introduced myself to him and told me that it was my blood which saved the man. I could not contain the joy of the simple fact that I had helped in saving a life in what I thought was a simple task. I would later learn that these simple acts of kindness mean a lot to people who are suffering out here.

Getting back to college I narrated my summer journey to my friends and sold the idea to them that we needed to start something like a blood bank. We volunteered to be donating blood in association with the school hospital and also sensitize other students on the need to be frequent blood donators as it helps someone in need. As such we were used to talk to high school learners and college students and what it means to exemplify pro-social behavior. Additionally, we organized blood donation camps in several collages and city centers with a huge success. Other friends volunteered to work in hospitals and blood banks. Thus far we have done an accumulated total of more than five hundred hours of volunteer work.



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