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Pro: Combat Sports

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First Pro Speech

Pro: Combat Sports should be shown for entertainment purpose. Combat sports is for some people a lifestyle because they shape their entire lives around this style of sport and it is also a source of income for professionals who do this for a living, so if you were to take away for the eye of the public they would not be able to make a living off of the thing they love. These professional fighters also make millions of dollars a year to fight, so if you did not televise these fights they would have no source of money, and their sponsors would leave. Combat sports also enables respect in the fighters because they know not to underestimate their opponent, it also distiles a strong work ethic within the players because they have that drive/motivation to be the best. Combat sports are very popular in America, for example 50 million people watched the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight because they wanted to see two professional fighters go at it. Also these fighters donate millions of dollars to charity, so if you take them away from the eye of the public they will not be able to help others in need.

First Crossfire

* Million of people watch combat sports on TV each day

* The policies of these companies is completely legal and the fighters are okay

* You think that this is an uncivilized form of entertainment but what do you expect a fight to look like.

* Fighters also have to follow rules that are in place to keep them safe, failure to obey these rules could result in being kicked out of the fight. There are consequences and repercussions for breaking the rules.

* Nearly no major injuries have happened in the history of televised fights so there is no reason to not watch combat sports for of seeing a major injury.

* Fighters make money off of being televised so if you take combat sports off of TV you will be taking their only source of income away from them. Weather these fighters make money depends on if their on television.

* Rules have been put in place to keep the fighters safe. For example no groin shots, no blows of the knee to the head, no stikes to the spine, no eye gouging, on biting, no head butting. (

Second Pro speech

Not allowing combat sports in entertainment and professional fighting could be the downfall of many fighters and athletes. For many Athletes participating in professional combat sports is their profession and their way of living. To take that away would be to destroy one man's career. There are many regulations and rules placed by MMA and UFC associations for the protection of the athlete’s most vital parts of the body and athletes who do not follow these rules are disqualified, fined or even banned from the sport from its entirety. To say that these sports are uncivilized, reckless and only cause damage is an ignorant statement. We must remember that all sports come with risk but it's always the benefits that accompany those risks that make it all worth it. These benefits include building a reputation and career, endorsements for a source of income when you are not partaking in that sport, Healthy lifestyle and balance between



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