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Drugs- Sports

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From the beginning of time sports have been around. It is the competition that everyone loves. The feeling of winning makes many people do anything to achieve it. Even if this means one must cheat to win.

Cheating is monitored in professional sports by the use of referees or umpires. With the discovery of many "nutritional" supplements, many new forms of cheating have arisen that cannot be monitored on the field. Many players used and still use steroids to enhance their muscles so they are stronger during game play. Many random drug tests have been instituted to cut the number of people using steroids down. There are many other supplements that basically do the same thing as steroids that these players use. More and more are becoming illegal in professional sports. And people still use them.

Illegal drugs to enhance one's performance are illegal, therefore when people use them they are cheating. They have created an unfair advantage for themselves illegally. These people using these drugs should be banned from their sport. Professional sports players get paid to play a sport. What more could they want? It is every kids dream. It they cannot play with out cheating they should not have the privilidge of playing at all.

There have been many cases in professional sports where athletes have been caught for using illegal drugs that enhance their performance. Often players even use illegal drugs that have no benefit on their performance. These drugs are illegal to everyone, but it seems that when professional athletes get caught using them they don't get as harsh of a punishment as an average person because of their fame. Steve Howe received seven lifetime suspensions from Major League Baseball. For some reason that does not appear to be possible. If an average person was caught doing so they would be in jail.

It is disappointing to see professional athletes receive special treatment because of



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