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Pro Basketball Vs Pro Football

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Pro Basketball vs. Pro Football

If you had a choice, would you pick a career where injuries are less frequent and less severe along with a better salary or a career where injuries are frequent and sometimes severe, and salaries are not as good. Anyone in their right mind would choose the first option. This will now bring me to my topic, professional basketball is better than professional football. Professional basketball is more dominant than football in three critical areas, injuries sustained, salaries, and the number of years played in the sport.

My first point is the injuries sustained while playing the sports. Football, unlike basketball, is known for notorious tackles against other players. The game is designed to hurt the opposing team in an indirect form, while basketball prohibits such actions. Football players do suffer some of the same injuries as basketball players, such as ankle sprains of different severities, and torn and pulled muscles, but football players are also known to break bones, incur concussions, and experience back injuries. The injuries encountered in a football game can end your career, and hinder your life, while a basketball game does not come across these injuries as much because the sport is not designed that way.

The next point of my prompt is the salaries involved in the two careers. The average salary of a basketball player is $4,900,000 and the average salary of a professional football player is $1,250,000. At a first glance, this does not seem right, we see people like Donovan Mcnabb make $8,949,000 in the 2005 season. The reason the NFL salary is lower than the NBA salary is because the number of players on a roster of an NFL team and the number of players on an NBA team. An NFL roster contains around 65 players on a team, and an NBA team has around 15 players. NBA players receive a higher average salary because there are less than a quarter people on their team. This allows a player to have more time on the court, and show his true talents as an athlete, while some NFL players receive a low salary, and do not get a chance to show their true athletic capabilities.

My third and final point is the amount of years played in each sport. Despite a salary like Donovan Mcnabb's, you would be at high risk of injury if you played football, and one injury can ruin your whole career. The average



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