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Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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Essay Preview: Preventing Workplace Discrimination

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An employee with a known drug abuse problem is against company code of conduct. This includes the employee not being protected under any Title VII provisions. One particular measure a company can take to reasonably accommodate this employee is to offer rehire once the employee has been fully rehabilitated. Once the employee has successfully completed rehabilitation, the employee can be protected under the ADA. Therefore, to avoid possible violations with Title VII, an employee should be offered their position when they complete rehabilitation.

I agree that factors like personality, attitude toward work, and future upward mobility should be considered when hiring an employee. First, you would want to hire a person that will fit in with the company, and get along with the other employees. The person's attitude toward work is definitely a factor because you want an employee that will be dedicated to the assigned work to completion, meet all deadlines, and work late nights. The future upward mobility of the person should be that the person wants to succeed in everything they do. They should have higher career goals in mind, knowing this is only the starting point for them.

Title VII can override the employment environment and conditions detailed in a written employment contract between an employer and employee. Title VII is a federal law and an employment agreement, whether verbal or written, must conform to the law.

In conclusion, these are my thoughts and answers for the three posed questions on preventing workplace discrimination.



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