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Preventing Workplace Discrimination -Simulation-

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Essay Preview: Preventing Workplace Discrimination -Simulation-

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Preventing Workplace Discrimination

Preventing discrimination in the workplace is not an easy task. A clear and understandable standard, within the guidelines of the law, of company policy should be defined in the employee handbook. This would be a start towards the effort of eliminating discrimination in the workplace. It also helps to have policies labeled throughout the office. Not all companies have the typical work "office" in which people show up to do their jobs. For companies that have people that work out in the field, it is a good idea to have regular weekly meetings covering some points of company policy, in order to lessen the amount of time spent at each meeting, to remind the employees of the importance of discrimination.

Drug Abuse

In the event that an employee; gets hired, passes his or her dug test, and is eventually caught under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the employer should take what ever steps it can to rehabilitate the employee to get them back on track. Insurance companies make sure that companies have a drug free workplace in order to be insured.


In some cases personality is a vital part of the job. However, it can not be known that it is. Companies have the right to hire who ever they want to as long as they do not discriminate against anyone. If the company can prove that the person was not the right person for the job, then they do not have to hire them. A person's work ethic, or attitude towards work, is another right to hire issue. If a person shows that they do not care to do what the employer expects then that company has the right to refuse to hire based on the fact that the person will not be the right person for the job.

When hiring, it is a tricky situation to look to someone's potential for growth. You can not refuse to hire someone based on the hirer's



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