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The Workbook Exercises of writing and thinking through your business requirements are as important as the final business plan document. This section is intended to allow you to challenge your assumptions, and produce a rough format with which to guide the creation of your business plan. You will use the notes from this workbook, as a reference for when you create your formal business plan.

Follow through the business plan outline questions and write your responses on a separate piece of paper. Our purpose is to communicate with you, to help you take ownership of your work. Use your own style. It should be a personal expression (an art form) as much as a professional document (scientifically and structurally sound).

Workbook Objectives

* To challenge your ideas and format them for presentation

* Provide a format for developing your venture

* To understand what is a business plan

* Why you need a business plan

* How to start

* How to write an effective business plan

* How to sell your venture to investors, and to build it successfully

The whole process of business planning is not just about creating a report. It is an exercise, an evolving document that is a guide for you. It shows investors the status of your business and it's road map for development.

Ultimately, it is a framework for you to start and grow your business. This is a dynamic plan, each business has its own personality and potential, make sure that yours is not just a carbon copy of another business, but truly reflects the uniqueness of the business and your skill set to make it happen.

If you would like download a financials worksheet please click here

Why You need to Write a Business Plan

To Define and Realize "what business am I in?"

Create a Roadmap to a successful venture

* To create the "big picture" - to recognize long term direction and think about staying in business and not just starting a business

For a Reality Check

* The plan will challenge



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