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The other day while watching the State of the Union address I started to wonder where it all went wrong. I had no idea how the Bush administration came to power and had less of an idea on how they maintained it. It seemed to me that virtually every policy adopted by this administration was a complete failure; going into detail on these failures would require a book so I will assume you agree with me on this issue. So how did they do it? How did they beat a seemingly excellent candidate in John Kerry, and how have they maintained power in the house and the senate? They are better politicians then the democrats. The fundamental problem with the Democratic Party is they run with the goal of taking votes from the republican base. This is a horribly flawed strategy. The reason the republicans keep winning is they unabashedly play to their base, making them look clear, decisive, and strong. If the democrats were more concerned with rallying their own base, they would sound the same way, and the fundamental complaint against the Democratic Party is they have no clear message. Democrats would win on virtually every policy issue if properly explained to the American public, yet they sit back and let the popular media spin their message out of control. The reason the democrats are losing elections is not there are more republicans in this country that need to be "stolen", it is too many democrats are turned off by a party that is not unified and has no clear message.



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