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Political Growth

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Assignment beginning 9/12


Make sure your completed personal growth project is

delivered through the Digital Drop Box by 12/10

The purpose of the project is to relate readings from the textbook to create your own personal growth experiences. (You can also get ideas for personal growth projects from "self-help" psychology books as long as they are written by a psychologist.) You need to define four personal growth ideas you have learned that you can use to improve the quality of your life. You also need to provide personal applications of each personal growth idea as described below. Complete this assignment, as described below, and then send to me through the digital drop box before 12/10/04. If you send it to me before 11/20 and include your email and phone #, I will give you feedback on how to improve or fix your assignment to get a great grade and you'll have time to redo it and still make the 12/10/04 final deadline..

a. Complete definition of the personal growth idea.

The personal growth idea is to be defined using the book's definition. At the end of the definition, students should place the page in the book. The definition may be given in the exact words used in the book with quotation marks, or you may use your own words. You can read ahead of the assignments in order to find personal growth ideas you like.

b. Examples of applications of the personal growth ideas in your life.

Your examples should clearly and specifically illustrate the personal growth idea you have just defined. You should draw examples from your personal experiences. Say what the results were for all examples

Two examples should be situations where you could have used the personal growth idea but did not use it. (These two examples can be from the past.)

Three examples should be situations where you did use the personal growth idea. These three should be from the present.

You need four personal growth ideas with five examples for each idea. In other words, for each of the 4 personal growth ideas, you will have 1 definition and 5 examples.

Example of One Personal Growth Idea and Its Accompanying Applications

Personal Growth Idea - Creating happiness

Definition - "People who are happy tend to compare themselves less to other people. They are not in a competition with their friends or neighbors and mostly judge themselves by their own standards." (pg. 396 of textbook)

Example 1 - Not using the



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