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Pit And Pendulum Movie Vs Book

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After reading the story and watching the movie of “The Pit and the Pendulum” by Edgar Allen Poe, it was easy to spot the many similarities and differences between the two. The story was written by Edgar Allen Poe but the movie was written but someone else even though it was based on Poe’s story. The movie focuses on giving more information about the characters than Poe’s story.

Similarities with the movie and the story were that both portrayed a dark mood. Both portrayed a sense of suspense, entrapment, and fright. Also, both the movie and the story contained a pendulum hovering over a pit. While there are few similarities, there are many differences. For example, the plot of the movie was that a man’s sister had died and he believed she had been murdered. The viewer later learns that the girl is alive and had an affair with her husband’s doctor. The man never finds out his sister was still alive because she gets locked in the basement accidentally after her husband and lover are killed. However, in Poe’s story, the reader only sees things from the viewpoint of one person who seems to be a trapped man. Poe does not go into detail as to how the prisoner became trapped or into any other people involved. This leads to another difference between the movie and the story. This difference is the number of characters in each. In the movie there are four or five characters including: Nick, Elizabeth, Nick’s sister, Nick’s doctor, and Elizabeth’s sister. In the story there is only one character and he is not named. It is only known that it is a man who seems to be trapped and is being punished.

As can be see, there are more differences than similarities with the movie and the story “The Pit and the Pendulum.” However, they are connected because the writer of the movie based his movie on the writing of Edgar



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