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State Fair: Movie Vs. Book

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Essay Preview: State Fair: Movie Vs. Book

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The book Sate Fair is unique in its class, as the movie State Fair is, also, unique in its. Phil Stong illustrates how one Iowan farming family goes to the fair and comes back changed--each and every one. The Frakes are as normal as any family, living on a farm, and yearning for more, more of love, more of life--simply more. This family goes to the fair, hoping for the best. Abel Frake--beloved father--has a hog who he believes is "the best hog in the world". Melissa Frake--mother of two--longs to win the blue ribbon for her pickles and for her minced meat. Margy Frake--waiting to be wed to a farmer's son who dreams of only that--farming. And Wayne Frake--practices with his mothers embroidery hoops, in hopes to this year beat the "unbeatable" hoopla stands.

I believe that the film destroys the morals of the book for Wayne and Margy's relationships.There are differences in the movie that change the entire aura of the moment. Some changes were for the better, aesthetically, for the viewer. In the story, the children--whom are really not children at all, but more young adults--go off to the midway and they both have business to attend to. Wayne goes off to the hoopla stands to show off his newly acquired talent for ringing a hoop around the neck of a bottle, he had practiced heavily with his mother's embroidery hoops in the barn. The years before he had lost eight dollars attempting to win a pearl--handled revolver, a fake pearl-handled revolver. This year he got all of his money back with the help a girl named Emily.

Emily is fascinating and entranced with Wayne--the only hitch is he has a girlfriend back home. In the book, he and Eleanor, had just had a horrific fight that ended with Eleanor not attending this years state fair with the Frake Family. In the movie, however, one of Eleanor's family members came up sick during that time. Yet, in both the movie and the book, Wayne is seen with Emily. Not that I condone infidelity in any way shape or form, but it isn't looked so badly upon if two are fighting when this occurs. If Wayne and Emily had gotten together, as they did in the book, while Eleanor and Wayne were in a fight, the atmosphere



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