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Physics of Football

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The topic I am researching is the physics of football. Physics is the study of matter and its motion through time and space, as well as its interaction with energy and the forces created by this interaction. There are many different types of forces in action in football. A player kicking a football is a force that makes the football fly through the air. A quarterback throwing a football is another example of a force that makes the football fly in a game. When football players play football they use physics without them even knowing that they are using it. The second law of motion states that the force of an object is equivalent to the mass of an object multiplied by its acceleration. For example when a quarterback throws a ball the player is applying force on a ball when he throws it.The action that happens on a football field involves mass, velocity, acceleration, torque, and many other concepts. Another thing that will be talked about while discussing this topic is elastic and inelastic collisions. Further into this paper I will discuss and break down these topics and the physics of football.Newton's laws of motion are the superstars of football physics, explaining a lot of what goes on on the field. Newton's first law tells us that an object either at motion or at rest tends to stay in that state of motion or rest. The heavier the object, the more it wants to stay in a steady state. Thus, a big linebacker is hard to push around.



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