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Phl 103 - Does God Exist?

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Essay Preview: Phl 103 - Does God Exist?

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Daniel McManamon

Professor Bauer

PHL 103-25

2 February 2015

Does God Exist?

Debatably one of the deepest and most important questions in the history of man is the question, “Does God exist?” My answer to this question is a resounding yes. I will be giving three main arguments as to why I believe that there is a God. My first argument is to talk about all of the good that goes on in the world. My second argument is to give a counter argument that people would give to say that there is no god. Many people would say that if there was a god then innocent people would not suffer. My counter argument to that is that the purpose of suffering is to make people stronger. My third argument to explain the existence of God is that the chance that such forces here on Earth are so perfect that we exist here and nowhere else in the universe.

God exists in our world in many things that many people tend to overlook. God is in the little things. God is in the man who gives a dollar to the homeless woman on the street instead of buying a bag of chips. God is in the setting sun that casts an orange glow across the horizon. God is not a man wearing white sitting on a cloud. God is in the little things in our life that can make us happy and brighten our days.

Many people who claim that God does not exist point to that fact that all over the world innocent people suffer. I can see why that would test a person’s faith and honestly it has done that to me. One saying that has always kept my faith strong while going through some rough times in my life is this: God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. People who go through suffering come out of it better people, whether they are stronger mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. God would not put people through anything that God thought we could not handle.

Have you ever been away from civilization; somewhere so far away from any city that when you look up into the sky at night the sky is illuminated with what seems to be millions of stars and galaxies? If you have, you would feel just as small as I did. This universe in which we live in is larger than anyone can ever imagine. Yet why are we here? How are we here? The fact that trillions of atoms form together in the perfect combination to make human beings is so amazing that I find it hard to believe that man was not created in God’s image.



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