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Does God Exist?

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Taylor Silvia

Intro to Religion

June 4, 2012

Paper One: Does God Exist?

There are already so many different religions as well as many more being formed and an endless amount of different beliefs, the existence of God is believed and felt in many different ways. The Christian and Islamic faiths only believe that one God exists. There are also the Buddhists who believe there is no higher being. While on the other hand the Hindu's believe in more than one God. I believe it comes down to three factors in which are self, the world, and God. These to me expose life and knowledge, faith and experience, and reality and being. God exists because of the experiences one has emotionally and the belief one holds. God has laid out a plan for all of us, but it's up to us to be able to live up and fulfill all of the experiences he gives the opportunity to.

The existence of God has been being questioned for years and years. Some people are considered to agnostics and are not sure if there is a God. Then many believe there is a God but do it submissively just because they were raised that way which doesn't mean their faith is that strong. Then most argue that is impossible to prove God's existence. Many use history, science, and philosophy and basis for explaining the existence of God.

Many try and argue that if there were a God why is there so much evil and bad things in the world. Well that is because God has granted us the freedom of free will to be our own people. Everyone does not follow what God has planned out and not everyone is perfect. For example the incident of Adam and Eve where they bite the apple even after being warned not to. We have the power of choice, so it is us creating this evil in the world not God. If there was no God would we be every



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