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Philosophy Statement

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Philosophy Statement

My goal is to teach employees within the workforce. My philosophy reflects what feel is needed in the workplace environment. It is similar to the philosophy Pragmatism. The workplace is always changing and we need the experience and knowledge to keep up with the progress toward a more efficient workplace. Such things as computer programs, diversity issues, and safety awareness, are just a few of the many constantly changing variables in a working environment. It is my job to teach employees the tools that will allow them to adapt to these changes. After they have learned, it is their experience and problem solving that will help them to excel in the workplace.

My role as educator is to supply my students with the knowledge needed to adjust in the constantly changing working environment. My students will be adults whose jobs are depending on what is taught to them. This should make them eager to learn and apply the knowledge to their job.

The curriculum taught will consist of what is required by the company. It will encompass all my knowledge and researched about the topic and confined into the best possible way to convey the message to an adult audience. The curriculum will also be formatted to effectively transmit to the diversity of the students. For example if a class is being taught internationally, their customs would have to be understood to make the learning process effective. The curriculum would focus on what is needed to be applied in the workplace and also to meet the requirements set forth by the company.

This involvement in the shaping of the employees will greatly benefit the community. By putting to use the tools I give them the employees will make their company excel and ensure job security. This would provide a company to provide jobs and bring money within the community.



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