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Philosophy Statement

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Running Heading: Personal Education Philosophy

Personal Education Philosophy

Laura Nash

Mrs. Janice Monroe

University of Phoenix Online


November 22, 2005

My personal philosophy is that anyone can do anything as long as he puts his mind to it. If one has a negative attitude than it makes it more difficult to achieve. The ones with the negative attitude are often the ones who have not been reinforced that anything is possible and all that is needed is for them to try.

In life, there are two roles that everyone takes part. The rolls are the student and the teacher. Humans gain the knowledge as the student through the teacher and then later in life the student becomes the teacher passing on the knowledge to the new students.

As I progress through the years I strive to help, others succeed and promote my philosophy. Not being a teacher but wanting to be one, I see myself setting individuals aside to give the plan helping them adapt to the most suitable learning style. These expectations will be set to challenge everyone to the highest.

I do enjoy watching people learn but getting to know each individual is the best part. In addition, keeping a sense of humor and letting each one know that "can't" is not to be said if success is the key.

I believe we as humans desire to learn but sometimes need the motivation. Each individual should be involved in the learning process instead of the teacher setting what is needed for everyone. There are different learning styles and they must be approached.

By each one possessing a different learning ability and as well as a different learning style. I do believe there must be a variance to be able to approach the class as a whole. This will show that the learners are not only responsible for their learning. The key to this approach understands these complexities and the diversity between learners. When I do teach, I will continue to strive to develop new tools that will provide learners with opportunities. Dilemmas will be created which will help apply the knowledge they have to gain understandings.

Feedback to the students is also necessary. Being a student myself, I know how important feedback is. Without proper feedback and a quick response can result in to someone falling behind or not understanding the material as whole.

What I ask of all learners is that they share the wealth of their knowledge. As I believe people who have benefited economically should give back to those who made it possible, I believe the same in education. Learners who have gained so much in the way of experiences and knowledge should share that with others. No better encouragement comes from communicating which is the key to learning, relationships and being able to make it in the work force.

Being a learner encompasses other life issues. Learning extensively involves certain sacrifices that may eventually be rewarded, but initially need attention. I believe in developing an environment in which learners may share their resources for meeting their needs, overcoming issues and dealing with being a dedicated learner. I believe in flexible



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