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Our country, the Philippines is known for being a democratic country so a proposition about the government determining how many children should be in a family is a little bit ironic, isn’t it? Let’s first define the meaning of a democratic country. It is when all eligible citizens have the right to participate, either directly or indirectly, in making the decisions that affect them. So, in short it means that the government’s decisions are just mere suggestions or guide not obligations that we should all abide.

Having child policies implemented in our country will ruin the essence of democracy and it will make the Philippines Anti-Democratic. This is why we firmly stand against the government determining the number of children in a family.

It violates our rights as human beings to choose freely and decide for ourselves as it states in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Studies showed that the one-child policy implemented in China on 1979 bears disadvantages also. That is why its institution decided to uplift the policy and implement a two-child policy instead. Even though it decreased the population in China, the policy’s consequences damaged China in a lot of aspects some are immense cases of abortions, rapidly aging population and labor shortages.

Would you prefer a country that treats their citizens as “liabilities”? Why not turn “THESE” liabilities into assets? Just like how they did it in Hong Kong where they believe that the best investment to be made is into their own people. So, They provided them with proper access to education, healthcare and food. That is why Hong Kong now is one of the most developed and successful country in Asia.

Is not proper education the answer to the problem of our country? With proper education, people will be knowledgeable enough to decide for themselves. Instead of the government trying to control our lives why not focus on more important things?



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