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An array of young models, each idealized and every one showing themselves off in a beautiful, yet sexual stance. The focus on flowing dark hair and thin bodies draped with trendy clothes that in some cases leave a lot of skin to be seen and admired. The idea of perfection personified through facial expressions of self-confidence and uncompromising appearances in each image. These are just a few ways in which Calvin Klein's ad campaign tries to attract costumers. Attempting to convince the public that Calvin Klein clothing will look as impressive on anyone and will have people staring in envy like many do at the ads is the technique being used in this ad campaign along with many other aspects such as the setting, the outfits, and the models, which all play a big role in the ads effectiveness. The model on display in each ad appears to be showing them self off and the women are doing some kind of dance that attracts viewers attention.

The background in each image is plain and empty, leaving the focus on nothing but the model and the brand name. The setting is unknown and in two of the ads, a gray background is the only thing behind the models. The other two are similar but have white backgrounds with an intricate gray pattern swirling behind them. They are also all portrayed in black and white, except two of them have blue and red words on each side of the model that say Calvin Klein. This centers the models and makes them the main focus of the page. Calvin Klein is written out in black in the upper right corner of the other two advertisements. These models have already been made to stand out by the gray designs surrounding them. The lack of color is used to emphasize the entire figure and the details

of each model instead of bright colored clothes. Calvin Klein doesn't want viewers to simply focus on the clothes, but on how the clothes look on these particular people.

The appearance of these models is the primary concern of the ads and entails many different elements. Every model portrays a different characteristic through the pose they are in and the clothes that they wear. One ad depicts a sexy young woman who shows confidence by extending her arms out and exposing her flat stomach. Her hips are thrust to the left side, her long beautiful hair is gently blown back, and her facial expression and eye contact hint at sexual desire or acceptance of the viewer. Another female model also has her hips out to the left, but her hands express a different idea. While one hand is used to play with her hair, the other is up to her face with her pointer finger right below her bottom lip. Her hair partly covers her eyes and with her head slightly down, she comes off as shy but confidant. The confidence comes from her exposed stomach and direct eye contact that she makes with the viewer. These two women are somewhat opposite in how they come off which shows that Calvin Klein is trying to appeal to what different guys look for and appreciate in a woman.

The two male models differ slightly from the females in that instead of being captured while doing some kind of dance, they are posing for the viewers and putting themselves on display like a piece of art. One of the models poses with his shirt pulled nearly all the way



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