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Perspective is the method of representing solid objects and spatial relationships on a flat surface so they appear true to life. This method is used to create pictures or words that appear to be solid, and this is useful to emphasize an element of design. In order to draw a word in one point perspective you have to first draw the word in block letters. Then, draw vanishing lines from each corner point of

the block letters back to the vanishing point. Select a thickness for your block letters and draw a line (line l) parallel to the horizon line and to create the back edges of your letters, draw lines parallel to the front edges starting and ending on the points where bottom line intersects the vanishing lines. And finally, erase all the vanishing lines and shade in all the sides and tops of the letters. However, drawing words in block letters in two point perspective is a whole other matter. Drawing in two point perspective is a complicated process which can be summarized into 4 steps.

I drew the word "math" in one point perspective; I chose to do this word because I was doing this project for Geometry 1, 2 which is a math class, so I thought that using this word would be appropriate. I found drawing the letter A and T were the easiest because I really had no difficulty drawing them. On the other hand, drawing the letter H was difficult for me because I really couldn't draw the line coming from the H's side.

I think perspective is useful because it catches a persons' eye if it was on a poster. The disadvantage of using perspective is the time it would take you to draw them , but if you used a computer I believe that perspective has no disadvantages.



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