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Personal Strenghts And Weaknesses

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Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

My personal strengths and weaknesses that I possess in my work environment, in my personal life, and in my learning team all will contribute positively. The wiliness to identify and recognize my strengths and weaknesses is a mechanism in cooping and dealing with issues that arise. When evaluation yourself, it is always difficult, for none of us likes to see any weaknesses. Rather, we see such weaknesses only in others. For the next few pages, I will look at what I consider my strengths, something every person possesses. I also will be honest about what I consider my weaknesses, also something every person has.

My personal strengths in my work environment can also be my weakness. My personal strength in my work environment is that I am underestimated. Due to my size, and my outer appearance when I tell people what I do for a living they can not believe I'm a Police Officer. The first question I usually get asked is how do people on the street respond to me. The only problem I have with men or people on the street are them telling me I do not look like a Police Officer. They also say I look to young to be a Police Officer. I will have men telling me out of the blue that I can arrest them or handcuff them anytime. After people see how I take control of a situation or a crime scene their judgement change about me.

Another strength that I possess in my work environment is that I have excellent people person and communication skills. I believe that this is very important when it come down to being a Police Officer. Communication skills make a big difference in making situations worst than what they already are. I been on scenes where the officer did not have communication skills therefore the violator was hostile as well. Sometimes effective communication skills determine the officer needing to put hands or use force on a violator. Sometime people with not talk to certain officers they choose to talk to me. Susan Gerdes saids, "One difference, though, is her finding that women in domestic violence disputes often feel more inclined to speak with a female officer than a male."( More women on the job in local police departments, 2004, p.1).

My personal weakness in my work environment is that I am small and a female. I never realize how small I was until I became a police officer. When I was going through my training I wish I was just a couple of inches taller. Being that I am a female in uniform you have to work 20 times as hard as a male in uniform. On my squad we have two females officer on the street. It is funny because Ofc S. Johnson and myself. graduated out of the same academy class. We both work well together but we had to get more arrest and more violator stops before we gained out respect from other male coworkers.

Sherman stressed that a greater number of women would lead to fewer violent confrontations between police officers and citizens: "The experiences of women in other hazardous work, the performance of police women in America and abroad, plus the social psychological research evidence all suggests that women tend to defuse volatile situations and provoke less hostility than men."

In an extensive review of the research on women in policing, Joseph Balkin reports that "policemen see police work as involving control through authority, while policewomen see it as a public service. The women's orientation



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