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Personal Responsibility

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Personal Responsibility

        In today’s world, education is the key to anyone’s success at personal and professional levels.  Personal responsibility plays a major role in my life because without being responsible for what I do, I will not achieve the success I want in my professional and personal life. Because of that, I need to have a plan that consists on maintaining a regular schedule and time, to be present in all calls and meetings, and managing stress. In this essay I will discuss my personal view of what personal responsibility will impact my life, implement my career and fit my college degree without compromising my performance and productive because I need to do well in my job, advance my career and pay for my education.

 My job is very demanding on time. I need to plan and organize my schedules because I need to do well in my job.  I work with sales and marketing and my position requires that I have to maintain a regular schedule and time to accommodate calls, sales contracts, visits, workshops, courses and travels. According to the publication on Journal of Business Ethics the author defines “management” by the person who uses responsibility to control daily tasks (2010, p.355).  To enhance my productivity and performance I need to stick with a plan that tells me everything I need to do.  Usually my days start with meetings or call meetings at 9 am and goes throughout the day until ends between 7 and 8 pm.  So organization is the key to manage my time and accomplish tasks, calls and meetings. In addition, there are some days that I have to attend meeting out of the office or even travel out of the state. So besides having a daily planner, I need to have a weekly planner in which help me manage to respond to all calls while attending meetings or travels.  Furthermore, my job requires being a liaison person with new business and this includes new clients and being responsible for developing new accounts.  This demand can lead to a high stress level. In order to manage this stress, I have to be exercising regularly and maintain a good balance diet so I can effectively manage my healthy.

        Since education is the key everyone needs to accomplish success, I need to use my personal responsibility to finish my degree in Business because my career depends on my education.  According to publication on The Journal for Quality and Participation, Peter Koestenbaum says: “We are now in the Post New Economy Era. It is market by economy recession, increasing unemployment …” (2011,p.9) the economy is changing the way society moves, and  many companies are forced to engage on a world globalization where connective and exchange are positioning business and trade internationally. It is a fact that many companies are looking for professionals with specializations so they can be more competitive in the market. It is important to me that my career reaches the level of advancement, so I can be more competitive and fit into a higher level position. There are many reasons that education can improve my career such as I can apply what I learn in school in my work, I can have my study’s techniques applied into the my work field and keeping my educational goal I will reach the career advancement. Education is about what a person can learn and apply in his or her daily life. When a person reaches college level, the learning process becomes more specialized depending on the area you are going to work. In my work, as a Sales and Marketing person, I will be able to bring what I learn in theory to my daily life at my job. It will increase performance and it will be a bridge for better position on management. On the other hand, applying some study’s techniques in your job can help with presentations and meetings. The usage of power point or any windows tools in your job enhances any presentation or documents, elevating the image of the job even more. In addition, when keeping your educational goals, motivation to reaches the success comes easily and helps to build confidence, self-stem, and strength to your life.

        Education is not free, so I need to advance my career so I can pay for my education. With the economy moving the way society maintains relations and exchanges between demand and supply, jobs became less available to the individuals that don’t have a higher education. On the other hand, individuals with higher education have chances to get better opportunities. Education is not only a matter of choice anymore. It is something we must do in order to meet market needs. The average cost of one year tuition on a particular university is U$ 15,000 and the average cost of a BS degree is U$80,000. Therefore, to finish my degree, I need to implement a plan such as avoid procrastination, implement techniques to learn, and planning to pay for my education. Procrastination can be avoided if I manage my time to do my school’s assignment, whit plenty of time ahead of the deadline. In addition, it may affect performance and time management between job’s times. So maintaining a good time management and not procrastinating with assignments and tasks will help me to balance effectiveness and stress level.  In addition, some learning techniques that are taught in college can help students succeed with college plan.  This plan has techniques that will implement organization, daily schedule, allowing enough time to do assignments and reading, and studying ahead of the exams will increase my success in school. As a college student I need to make sure these techniques are implemented on my regular daily basis and apply them in all times. Moreover, I need to have a financial plan in order to pay for my education.



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