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Personal Responsibility

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Achieving educational and collage success through personal responsibility is all on you as an individual

Christopher McCall



Even though success is achieved by the effort one puts forward, we must also develop sense of purpose and responsibility because someone who develops a sense of purpose will achieve in almost everything they put their mind to. To succeed in collage and in life, you must be accountable for yourself. Goodman (2004) writes personal responsibility is a national strength and that each person can use personal responsibility to shape and reshape their lives.

Personal responsibility is defined as holding one's self responsible for one's actions and accepting the outcome of those actions. When it comes to education, we as students must be held accountable for making sure all schoolwork is done. We cannot blame circumstance or other people when we fail to achieve a degree. This will mean that we did not live up to the standards we as students agreed upon when we enrolled in to school.

Personal responsibility is about taking responsibility for myself and the work I put into my studies. Therefore if I take shortcuts and cheat, it takes away from the learning experience I would have gained if I had committed myself fully to my studies. If you work hard and put forth the effort your reward would be a better understanding and greater appreciation for the subject your learning. If you truly want to learn, you will put forth the effort and never take short cuts or cheat. If you do these things then you will have achieved academic integrity.

A student must be responsibility for the good that is accomplished as well as the mistakes they make. You will know that you have matured as a student when you can take the mistakes you've made and build on them and learn from them. When someone gives you constructive criticism, use that as motivation to improve. Personal responsibility should apply to your studies and your life. With the proper resources available, and the time and effort a student, it will determine their amount of success a student will achieve. Personal responsibility is all on you as a student. It is your obligation as a student and a person to exercise reasonable and prudent judgment when trying to achieve educational success.

If I fail it will be because I took no responsibility for my studies and completing my assignments. If a student puts off doing his or her work that could mean they like the effort and the discipline it takes to become a top student. It comes down to taking personal responsibility for your academic success. You as the student have the control over all work that needs to be done to graduate. The choses you make as a person will affect you in your studies and in life. It can



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