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Penny For Thoughts

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Title: A penny for your thoughts

Purpose: In this activity you will be transforming a copper penny and discussing what happens.

Safety: You must wear safety goggles at all times.

Danger: sodium hydroxide (NaOH) will burn skin, eyes and clothing

This activity will be directed by Mr. in a step-by-step fashion. Do not proceed until directed to do so. Take turns with teammates.

Materials: Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), Zinc fillings, Penny, Bunsen burner, tongs and water

Procedure: 1). Place enough Zinc fillings in 100mL beaker to cover bottom.

2). Carefully add 20mL of 3m (NaOH) to the beaker.

3). Place beaker on a hot plate that has to be 4in. If the water begins to boil turn down the hot plate.

4). Use your thongs to pick up penny and place it in the beaker.

5). Once your penny is coated, remove it with your tongs. Make sure your teammate holds the beaker while penny is removed.

6). Put the hot penny in 250mL beaker which is half filled with cold tap water this serves to cool and rinse the penny.

Part Two: 1). Set up and light the Bunsen burner according to Mr. T's directions

2). Adjust the flame on the burner using the metal collar.

3). Use the tongs to place the "silver" penny into the flame of the Bunsen burner.

4). Hold the penny in the flame only until it changes color, and longer. Pay attention, it happens quickly (within about 10 seconds).

5). Once the penny has changed color, place it in a beaker of cold water to cool.

Part Three: 1). Follow Mr.T's directions regarding the beaker of sodium Hydroxide and Zinc wait for instructions.

2). Do a general clean up of the Lab area.

Observations/Questions and Answers

1). What did you learn from this experience?



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