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C.J. Jankowski


Quarter Project

AP Lang.& Comp.

Rhetorical Analysis of Patton

Martin Blumesfield's writing of this book is a very interesting book. His way of writing really gets the point across and makes you think like you there. He uses many rhetoric devices to enhance his writing and get what he's trying to do. He uses many similes and figurative language to back up his point of him being there. He has many of Patton's paper and he actually can relate to whats going on through his interpretation of the "Patton Papers." Many say this is the greatest Patton book out there and I agree. The way Blumesfield makes you feel is so real, you can appreciate a good writer when you find one like Blumesfield.

General Patton as born in Virginia in the late 1860s and was raised by both his parents with his sister. He had a good relationship with his family, not many fights or arguments. He was brought up in the South and was taught to be a real gentlemen. This is why he is considered not only one of the United States greatest generals, but also a great person himself. He was in the Olympic games in Stockholm and served in West Point military school. During the first World War he served in the 304th tank brigade and lead his platoon to many quality wins in Europe. In World War II, he was leader of the 504th platoon in Morocco and then moved over to the European front and lead his troops to victory and one of the biggest battles at the Battle of the Bulge.

Blumesfield uses giant sentences to get his point across. He makes very long sentences to prove his point. The way he incorporates many punctuation and word structure is very critical to the way you read the book. He does this throughout the book, from when he starts with Patton as a child her reflects on how he is living in the time and with his family and everyone else Patton is affiliated with. He uses Patton's Journal most of the time throughout the whole essay and is based off on. He uses the papers to improve your meaning of the book once you read it. I really think that he did an exceptional way of incorporating it and the order he puts his info seems like its really planned out.

One thing you don't notice is how much research that Blumesfield put into his book. It must of took him years to gather so much information on Patton himself. Even though he had his papers, it still doesn't amount to all the information he includes in the book. The papers include daily life and major events. The scene that he depicts when Patton hits his soldier calling him a "Coward," really makes you feel as if you were there. He has everyone's comment on it and it really shows that he put a lot of research into this paper showing that he knew what everyone said. Having this in a book shows that your really getting the whole story and not just little bits and parts that people find here and there. Researching Patton seems like an interesting thing to me and I think



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