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Past Year Question and Answer Asm504 June 2014

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  1. Two data collection methods that are used by job analyst
  • Task Inventory Analysis
  • Organization-specific list of tasks and their descriptions use as a basis to identify components of jobs.  The organization collect task or list it out and ask people about the position and task.

  • The Critical Incident Method
  • A job analysis method by which important job tasks are identified for job success.  It’s based on behavior or skill of the employee to do a task until the job or task is completed.

  1. Based on the information given, write a complete job description

Job Description for Visa Assistant

Job Title:                Visa Assistant

Division:                Johor Bahru

Department:                Public Affairs Department

Job Analyst:                

Date Analyst:                2nd June 2015

Wage Category:        Nonexempt

Report to:                Puan Aminah Talib, Public Affairs Officer

Job Code:                V-31

Date Verified:                10th June 2015


  1. Perform broad range of visa service which includes application processing and document screening.
  2. Print visas and track the status of cases through a computerized process.
  3. Prepare cases for adjudication by consular officer.


  1. Five issues related to international recruiting
  1. Security
  2. Visas and work permits
  3. Different labor costs
  4. Cultural differences
  5. Local, national, and international laws
  1. Three sources of internal recruitment and five sources of external recruitment

Internal recruitment

External recruitment

  • Internal job postings
  • Skills inventories and replacement charts
  • Identifying talent through performance appraisals
  • Job fairs
  • Advertisements
  • Re-recruiting
  • Labor unions
  • Employee referrals

  1. Three advantages and three disadvantages of internal recruitment



Rewards past performance and encourages continued commitment to the organization

- The organization will reward employee by their past performance.

The hazard of inbreeding of ideas and attitudes increase when no outsiders are considered for hiring.

Signals to employees that similar efforts by them will lead to promotion

- The organization will inform their employee about promotion that will be offer to them if they show an effort towards jobs.

Current employees may lack the knowledge, experience or skill needed for placement in the vacant position.

Can eliminate the orientation and training cost that recruitment from the outside would entail

- It will help the organization to cut the cost of training and orientation if they recruit internally.  It gives benefits to the organization and the employee too.

The organization has exhausted its supply of viable internal candidates and must seek additional employees in the external job market.


  1. Four phases of Strategic Model of Training

[pic 1]

  1. Five training method that are suitable for non-managerial positions
  • On-the-job training (OJT)
  • Employees are given hands-on experience with instructions from their supervisor or other trainer.

For example: coaching

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Enables the maximum number of trainees to be handled by the minimum number of instructors.

For example: blended learning

  • Programmed instruction
  • Self-directed learning

Use of computers to break down subject matter content into high organized, logical sequences that demand continuous response on the part of the trainee.



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