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Outcasts In Frankenstein

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The book Frankenstein is written by the author Mary Shelly. During the book Frankenstein there are a few characters and even a family who have been outcast from society throughout the story. The family that became an outcast is the De Lacey family, and Victor Frankenstein was another person other than the monster who is an outcast in society during the story.

The De Lacey family was an outcast in the book Frankenstein. The reason that the De Lacey family had become an outcast was because of what Felix the son had done. Felix liked a girl and the girl's father was in jail. The girl, Safie, was the daughter of a Turkish merchant whom agreed to let Felix have Safie's hand in marriage if Felix would break him out of jail and so Felix did that. It is during the time when the monster is telling his story to Victor that this information is obtained. The monster tells us "The Turk quickly perceived the impression that his daughter had made on the heart of Felix and endeavored to secure him more entirely in his interests by the promise of her hand in marriage, as soon as he should be conveyed to a place of safety" (87). This tells us that the Turk merchant promised Felix Safie's hand in marriage so long as Felix would free him from the jail. Even though Felix did free the merchant the merchant betrayed the De Lacey family by turning them in. This then caused the family to loose all their wealth and power and to be exiled from their country. In the book it says "The plot of Felix was quickly discovered, and De Lacey and Agatha were thrown into prison" (89). Further down it reads "he hastened to Paris, and delivered himself up to the vengeance of the law, hoping to free De Lacey and Agatha by this proceeding. He did not succeed. They remained confined for five months before the trial took place; the result of which deprived them of their fortune and condemned them to a perpetual exile from their native country" (89). As it shows even though Felix tried to get his Father and sister set free the whole family was exiled because the merchant exposed what Felix had done.

Another outcast from the book would be Victor Frankenstein. He was more or an emotional outcast. He couldn't bear to be around people in general. Victor went to England after agreeing to make a female for the monster and he found himself unable to be around the people only able to be there long enough to obtain the information



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