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Origlio Case Study

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The True Value of Effectiveness

A Commentary on Origlio Beverage's Operations Strategies

When a company moves to a bigger, newer, or better-looking space, the immediate conclusion made by most people is that the company is experiencing growth. Likewise, it is often assumed that when more employees are taken in, or more products are stored, or more orders are received, then the company must be growing in leaps and bounds. However, what is often overlooked is if value, as created and delivered by the company has greatly improved just as well, if not more than everything else. While physical changes brought about by newer offices, or maybe even updated technology do signal positive development in a company, the true measure of growth is the successful creation and delivery of value to all the stakeholders of a company.

In the case of Origlio Beverage, I believe its move to a new building was just the catalyst to a much bigger goal it had in mind. In my opinion, the improvement in operations that followed the relocation meant to promote and achieve effectiveness throughout the company's operations. While the goal of most companies is to strike a compromise in achieving both efficiency and effectiveness, I believe Origlio narrowed their business focus by prioritizing effectiveness. Implementing the strategy for effectiveness may come in different forms or plans. Origlio exhibited its priority by its commitment to creating and delivering value for two important stakeholders: its employees and its customers.

Introducing innovative systems for the inventory of all the brands being carried, and providing rich resources for marketing the products gave employees of Origlio the chance to better protect the quality of service that the company promises. With clearly delineated areas for responsibilities (such as warehouse areas, load lanes, point-of-sale room, etc), accountability among its employees was properly designated, and therefore, employees were aware of their contribution to the company's value delivery network. Furthermore, by investing in logistics systems and unique branding mechanisms (Origlio pallets), the company conveyed the commitment to value both inside and outside the premises of Origlio.



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