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Organizational Behaviour

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"How valid do you think the comments are that Russ is hearing?"

The comments that Russ is hearing are not at all valid. They stem from an unfortunate and incorrect stereotype of older workers that implies that they are unable to learn new skills and have been in positions too long to be able to adapt to a changing and sometimes ambiguous workplace.

"If you were a small business executive in need of someone with extensive financial experience, would you consider Russ? Explain your position."

If I was a small business executive I would consider Russ for my employment in my company. As the study states Russ has extensive financial experience that could be or immense use to me business. The years of experience he has gained at General Motors could well provide my business with exactly what it needs to propel it to a position as an industry leader in my own field.

Russ' 24 years of service would also reflect his commitment to his job. He would demonstrate loyalty to his employer and to the goals and morals of the company. I would immediately recognize that with Russ there would be a very low potential for turnover. Russ would be able to take over a high ranking position in my financial department and pass on his expertise to younger, newer workers in the organization who could then apply that knowledge to what they have leaned in their own training.

"What suggestions might you make to Russ to help him find a suitable employment?"

I would suggest first of all to Russ that he should make himself more marketable. By doing this he would be able to attack the common misconception that older workers are "mentally rigid". To achieve this I would suggest to him that rather than spend more money on employment counselling, he should direct his resources toward retraining in the more modern method being used by younger workers in today's workforce.

Next I would tell him that perhaps he should not be so rigid in specific position that he was seeking. There may be several other positions in a given company's finance department where his experience may be put to use and where an employer may be comfortable paying him a salary that they can both agree upon. This would remove the belief that there would be a high possibility for turnover.



"What do you think SAT's measure: aptitude, innate ability, achievement potential, intelligence, ability to take tests, or something else?"

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) is an aptitude (defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "noun - a natural ability or inclination") test as it name suggests designed to test the aptitude of the test takers. Having made that statement it is my belief that the SAT invariably tests the test takers ability to take tests. Several companies exist simply provide coaching for test takers as they prepare for the test and even tell the student that the SAT does not test intelligence (1).

The test takers simply learn particular strategies and how to apply them. This coupled with sometimes limited actual knowledge helps to boost the scored of test takers. There have even been studies that have shown that that test takers benefit from such



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