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Organisms Classification

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The world we live in contains a plethora of organisms from the sky all the way down to the deepest depths of the ocean. The diversity found in these ecosystems are extraordinary and several species in each designated place are categorized by the similar characteristics they have been discovered with. The ways these species are categorized is by Classification in which they are grouped, sorted, and ranked based on similar characteristics and traits. Identification is widely used throughout the world and is what allows humans and animals alike to disguise between objects by comparing them to each other.

Classification can be seen used in a variety of topics ranging from math and politics, but it is most impactful with the topic of race. This topic often brings up controversy as it is seen as discriminatory towards a race and culture. It allows the person to identify their culture and heritage but also sets an image to how society will view them based on their proposed identification, which is why it is seen as a controversial topic. Despite, classification degrading the humanity from humans by having humans on the same variation of plants and animals and should be classified in a way that allows us to be easily compared (Hudson 252-253). This Indirectly creates a stigma that those who’s skin color is deemed more “accepted” are inheritly better than those who’s ethnicity is as accepted. This is the foundation for racial stereotypes and racism seen throughout our society.

Anatomy is what externally separates each human individually. Much like racial classification it takes the same approach except it is more focuses on the external features. This was prevalent during the eighteenth century it was prominent that not only was racial classification used to classify humans but the sex of the person should also be taken into account as a man could have feminine features and a woman can have masculine features (Schiebinger 118). Not only did this take place in the 18th century but it is also seen in the 21st century by classifying humans based on their race, ethnicity, sex, etc. Ultimately, classifying humans comes down to two things racial and anatomy classification. We categorized not only on appearance but also the structural features of the body. We all share many similar characteristics such as having two feet and two hands, but each person has their own unique feature to their structure which can range from anything from having big hands to having an awkward shaped head. These features can vary from being minimal to highly distinguishable but in the end we virtually all have the same structure throughout the world.

Mathematics has played a crucial role in our world and has lead to many great civilizations and inventions that have changed the lives of many. Not to mention, that it enabled us to discover beyond Earth and create technologies we never would have never guessed would be possible. Mathematics is a very broad term as it compasses many several sub-sections of mathematics that range from Calculus to Physics and even Chemistry has some of its derived from mathematics. It might seem like these sub-sections are different in terms of the mathematics each section uses but in the end all these sub-sections come down to being mathematics and the foundations difference is in the application of the math in the respected areas. To further elaborate, once you have mastered the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division you have learned everything in mathematics and all that is left to learn are the various applications for them (Devlin 2). We can also separate mathematics into sections, abstract mathematics and natural mathematics. What we learn in school is what is considered abstract mathematics and is heavily based on symbols and rule based(Devlin). Natural mathematic is exactly what is sound like, mathematics that comes naturally to you and are made to help you survive. With these two methods of mathematics we have been able to harness it as a tool and used it solve many problems in many ways which shows the numerous distinct ways that could potentially be useful.

Politics are almost always a controversial topic for opposing political parties on what they



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