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Joshua Stallworth

Ms. Frye


July 1, 2010

Dedication is the key for success.

Dedication is the key to being successful in the world today especially for athletes. In order for them to succeed they have to do whatever it takes to take them to the top. They have to have the will power withstand any obstacle in the way. Athletes have to be willing to work when everyone else is asleep. He has to be the first one to the gym and the last to leave.

There have been very few or any, who have succeeded without being dedicated. In this day and time, it takes being able to work hard every single day of the week whether it is running sprints, lifting weights, or doing drills; an athlete should stay in shape year round because they never know when they are asked to perform. They have to make sure they are eating the right foods and drinking the proper fluids, so they can stay healthy.

Being dedicated is not the easiest thing to do because there are so many tempting things to do in the world. There are going to be plenty of nights that they just want to kick back and chill out. There are going to be nights they will want to go to a night club and have a few drinks when knowing that they should not be putting those harmful things in their body.

Also athletes should try to stay away from night club and strip clubs because that is where all the trouble of an athlete seems to happen. Look at athletes like Charles Barkley Adam "Packman" Jones , and even much Carmelo Anthony they all have probably planned to go out and have a good time, but it things just went wrong. They all have ended it up with a DUI charge or an assault and battery charge. It is like they are being picked on really because it always seems to happen to them.

So when it is all



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