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Operations Management

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The operation could be the central to the organization because it produces the goods and services which are its reason for existing. Operations management is linked to all organizations as every organization is producing either a product or a service. However, it cannot be said to be the most important function since there are other functional areas and boundaries within an organization.

In today's fast changing world, organizations have to have a tendency towards being efficient, effective and innovative to the changing environment to succeed. The physician believes that operations management could be the key to this success.

Five performance objectives in the implementation of operations management in terms of speed, cost, flexibility, dependability, and quality.

The emphasis of these objectives embodies the framework of operation management, as the key factor to fulfill both internal and external customer's expectations. Organizational culture and structure determine what series of strategies can be applied in achieving all the objectives above. The operations managers must have knowledge and skill covering a wide range of issues.

Many physician service companies are developing their own systems for monitoring and measuring aspects of the quality. These include measures for intangible and tangible aspects of service.

There is no doubt that quality in the health industry is an important issue. Good quality products and services mean high customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is likely that the customer will return. In fact, customers do not see the production of goods, so they will judge the quality of the operation on the evidence of the goods themselves.

It could also be an observable fact particularly in relation to the role of quality in establishing competitive advantage, the cost of quality, the measurement of quality for assuring quality.

Also,poor employee performance



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